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This is a photo journal as seen through the lens of my smartphone.  I have an HTC Inspire and have chosen to capture images each day an post them here on this site.

I teach at Lake Michigan College.  This project was started to show students how someone could ‘self publish’ work to a blog from a smart phone.  The class is called “WEB 2.0 for Students“.

In this class we help students understand the concepts of:

  • Self Publishing On-Line
  • Syndication
  • Organizing Data Streams
  • Connecting / Networking
  • and Linking Data

The process for this project was rather straight forward:

  1. Take the photo with my HTC Inspire Smartphone.
  2. Modify the photo with Evernote Skitch.
    1. Cropping
    2. Text Additions
  3. Email the photo to my Flickr email account so my image is stored there and not on the blog server.
  4. Have Flickr post the image directly to my WordPress.com blog using a preset template.
  5. Log-in wordpress (at some later time) and add
    1. More descriptions
    2. Tags
    3. Related Links
    4. Etc.
  6. WordPress will then publicize the post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Very simple proof of concept.  Didn’t take to long to set up also.